Our Mission

Feed The Hungry

We have Sunday feeds at 12:30 p.m.
Every Tuesday and Friday at 5:30 p.m. we meet at Hawthorne for street outreach and to serve food.

Provide Resources

We have a close relationship with many nonprofit organiazation in the community that provide assistance with: Food and Nutrition, Hygiene and Clothing, Housing, Energy and Utilities, Veterans, Crisis, Jobs, Legal Aide, Parenting and Family, Youth and Children, Mental Health, and much more.

Share Love & Compassion

Compassion Highway Project is a local nonprofit organization that was founded by Melissa Mayne, who is now the Executive Director.

What was once a small canopy tent with a handful of volunteers serving 82 individuals is now a fully functioning organization that offers much needed support to one of the most vulnerable populations in our area. Proudly serving up to 400 people any given week of the year. For more on the history of CHP visit our Media Page here.

CHP is looking ahead now with hopes to open and operate a Day Center in Medford Oregon to expand upon the work they currently do in the community.

If you are interested in getting involved please click here for more information.

Melissa Mayne founded Compassion Highway Project in the Fall of 2014 and her grassroots organization experienced almost instantaneous growth as community members joined Melissa Mayne and her two children, Saja and Maddox, on the streets of Medford Oregon. “People just started joining in and helping.” Melissa said “It was exciting knowing that they were out there and able to help but also sad to know that it was greatly needed.” They continued to consistently warm the hearts and bellies of those within our community that often go relatively unnoticed or ignored. Melissa Mayne formed CHP because she had been homeless herself a few times due to circumstances outside of her control. One of those being a horrible situation in which her landlord was stealing her daughter’s medication. Charges were pressed and this individual eventually went to prison. However, the embarrassment for that family was so great that they decided to sell the house out from under Melissa and her daughter’s feet. They had nowhere to go. Needless to say, Melissa could relate to homelessness on a visceral level and she decided to do something about it. Looking back, Melissa felt really good about what she and a handful of volunteers were doing and she quickly formed close bonds with people that they were serving. What once started with Melissa, her children and eventually 5-7 volunteers under a small canopy under the overpass on the south side of Hawthorne Park serving around 82 people has now grown into a legitimate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves up to 400 individuals every week; even more on the holidays. The CHP Board Of Directors Came into play in early 2016, some original board members have retained their positions with CHP while others have completed their terms and moved on. To see current bios please visit this page for more information.
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