Community Feed

One way to get involved is to volunteer at one of our community feeds. Feeds happen every other Sunday at Hawthorne Park under the bridge. Here you will be passing out hot food, supplies, clothes, and interacting with those we serve!

Prepare Food

Every two weeks we need food donations, and volunteers to prepare warm food for our community feed. This is ideal for restaurant owners or multiple individuals that can make large amounts of food at one time! We generally feed amount 250-400 people per feed!


During outreach we go out in the community to seek out people in need in order to provide food and other supplies. This is also a time for us to identify specific needs of individuals and try to fill these needs. At CHP this is one of our favorite times because we really get to build a relationship with the people in our community and get to know each person individually.

Gather Supplies

One thing that is very important to us at CHP is to try to meet individual needs. Weather it's sleeping bags, tents, clothes, shoes, and other supplies. We are always in need of these donations, but also have a hard time finding the time and man power to locate and pickup supplies. We are always looking for resourceful individuals that are willing to reach out to our local community any find donations.

Give A Donation

Our volunteers and donations are what give us the ability to serve so many! We can accept PayPal donations or donations can be made for us at any local Rogue Credit Union. Also we are always looking for local businesses or other organizations that want support us by donating food or other services. We are a non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. .

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