Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen Southern Oregon’s humanitarian needs, through our passionate volunteer network. By providing basic services, compassion, and hope to every member of our community in need. We will continue to seek out new opportunities and grow to meet the ever changing hardships, that can devastate underserved communities.

Get Involved

CHP has many ways to get involved. Whether it’s serving food, offering supplies, or donating. All help is welcome and greatly appreciated. We have an especially great need for volunteers who can cook, prepare, or donate food items. Volunteers can also gather supplies, participate in community outreach, or offer a specialty service in need. If you would like to support and strengthen our Southern Oregon community, please use this convenient volunteer form to sign up with Compassion Highway Project today! Thank You! CHP Click here to sign up!


Donations give us the ability to serve the community’s needs each week. The majority of donations go to basic services such as food, shelter, and clothing. Basic needs to get by can also include things like rides, hair cuts, and social services help. We aim to provide a diverse array of services, for whatever need our undeserved community might have. Help us to continue serving our community’s most vulnerable members, and build a brighter future for Southern Oregon. Please visit our donation page here

Our Next Goal
CHP’s goal is to open a Day Center in Southern Oregon. The center will provide resources to obtain social services/housing, basic needs, and securely store belongings. With the help of our amazing community, we are steadily working toward accomplishing this goal. Please stay in touch! We’re organizing our efforts to make the Day Center in Southern Oregon a reality. We can’t do it without you! Thank You, CHP

CHP Volunteer Form

Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering for compassion highway project!

Volunteers arrive at 12:30pm and service begins at 1:00pm. We always are in need of volunteers to help set up, cook, serve and clean up/tear down.

Our Projects

Recognize that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.

Thanking God for bringing us all together
Shoes & Clothing Donations
Hair Cuts
Helping Families
Delicious Meals
Because of our partners we are doing more good for more people!
Teri Woods

Your mission is compassion! What you are doing to connect and provide to the community Is the utmost definition of love!!! Love to you all for caring for them!!!!!

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